Technology: Crafting Earth’s future?

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(Photo credit: Dampoint/

What is the root cause of all these turmoils in the world? It is the denial of humanity as part of nature thus making everything in the universe as mere subjects for utilization.

How to solve this? We should learn from the indigenous peoples of the world who have been teaching us how to live in harmony with nature and accept the reality of being part of nature.

Sadly, the whole utilization movement is promoting ethnocide bringing age-old traditions and customs into the brink of extinction.

Why indigenous? In our veins, flow indigenous blood enabling us to adopt and strife for survival. Once upon a time, we belong to a humanity dependent solely in the abundance of nature and we live with it, in harmony. However, there were some who abused such abundance and forced nature to be more abundant to the extent of stripping off the capacity to become abundant. This started the utilization movement which is 1 percent of the world’s population.

The utilizing capacities and abilities of humans came into being when transformation of natural resources to ‘made’ things began such as tools including stones which were used to draw figures, write scripts, dig holes, cut objects and craft defense, among others.

It is technology.

Technology comes from the Greek world ‘tekhne’ which means skills, craft or art. It started as an artisanal process as history and archaeology tell us. That craftsmanship was used to survive (for food and self-defense) and to record what had been – the events and objects which impressed.

Eventually, a pattern had been discovered to replicate and develop for the additional purpose of making difficult tasks easy, hence, increasing speed of action and reducing time of accomplishment. How was this pattern realized? In fact, from natural processes! By observing different phenomena, humans learned how to mimic nature for self-development and utilization – that is mimicking nature using nature. It was mimicry for humanity’s consumption while recognizing the carrying capacity of nature to replenish, be abundant, reproduce and help living things including humans to survive, a sustainable way.

This is now what we call technology – a systematic treatment of human beings’ craft. ‘Advanced’ as it is, it left the era of a sustainable mimicry of nature as the speed of development kills nature itself, including humanity. Ironically, this systematic treatment of human beings’ craft has been resulting to a conspiracy of mistreatment of resources leading every living thing to the brink of extinction.

Over-speeding. Over-spending. Over-mimicry for the survival of those who have much of the proceeds of the resources to the detriment of those who have the resources. A curse.

Technology should lead us to appreciate nature and lead us back to that interdependence we had – to that mimicry of balance and harmony. It was meant to show the deeper meaning of craftsmanship in recognizing where we come from and what we ought to be. As the philosopher Martin Heidegger suggests:

“What, then, was art – perhaps only for that brief but magnificent time? Why did art bear the modest name ‘techne’? Because it was a revealing that brought forth and hither, and therefore belong within ‘poiesis’. It was finally that revealing which holds complete sway in all the fine arts, in poetry, and in everything poetical that obtained ‘poiesis’ as its proper name.”

It must have been human beings’ journey from and to, a revelation of how existence depends on the existence of others. A kind of unfolding, a search for meaning, of the utmost fulfillment of being part of a bigger existence.

“Bringing-forth brings out of concealment into unconcealment. Bringing-forth propriates only insofar as something concealed comes into unconcealment. This coming rests and moves freely within what we call revealing [das Entbergen]. The Greeks have the word aletheia for revealing. The Romans translate this with veritas. We say “truth” and usually understand it as correctness of representation.”

Thus, technology must preserve the humanity of humans as co-existing with other things in the whole wide universe. It aims to preserve nature’s balance in its entirety, not to destroy it.

It is now high time to bring back what had been. Together, with the indigenous peoples of the world who have been sacrificing their lives and defending their lands and traditions for the sake of maintaining the balance in this planet, we shall stand up. Against the 1 percent, we are the 99 percent who are now making environmental and social justice into reality.

Yes, every one of us is part of each and every one. I breathe what you breathe. Let the 1 septillion cellular activities in our bodies modify and transform the minds of the utilization movement. Let us not permit 1 percent to occupy the 99 percent who wanted to bring back the natural balance in this world.

Don’t forget, the minds of the 1 percent utilization movement are still part of the 99 percent. The silence and inaction of 99 percent make them more powerful.

* * *

Why all these natural problems? Nature just reacts.

Why such “exaggerated” reactions? Because of our exaggerated apathetic actions.

Whatever we do to the detriment of the environment comes back to us because we are all part of it.

(An excerpt from a feature article published by Speed Magazine, a revised and updated version of the essay ‘We Are Nature’ included in my book, We Are Nature.)

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