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“True change happens when we embrace reality.”

Such is Climate Reality’s mission statement, an aptly named project begun by Nobel Laureate (and former U.S. Vice President) Al Gore in 2006. Each year for the past 3 years, Climate Reality has organized an event called 24 Hours of Reality, a live-streamed multimedia show dedicated to informing the public and inspiring activism for climate change. Famous special guests – like Mark Ruffalo and Jason Mraz – are a big pull for the event. But will you be tuning in?

Climate change is one of the biggest crises that our generation and our children’s generation will have to face – but there is cause for hope. This global event covers the climate crisis in every region of the world, and this year, every hour of the multi-media show will give us one more reason to believe that we have a chance to mitigate climate change.

For these 24 hours, the audience becomes activists, and climate change becomes a prime concern. In the Southeast, some of us understand the consequences of burning of fossil fuels and the resulting emission of carbon dioxide. But what can we do about it? Take action! 24 Hours of Hope will give us a chance to understand what climate change and the global crises mean to each of us and our region personally. We can demand solutions from our leaders, we can take climate change personally, and we can understand the damages done to our planet. There is no challenge we cannot overcome when we have hope that things can change—when we have hope that we can change them.

Beginning Tuesday, September 16, scientists, world leaders, musicians, climate advocates, celebrities, and the like discuss some challenges facing our planet.


The event will feature special guests such as filmmaker Vanessa Black, singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat, Filipino environment activist Rodne Galicha and actorMark Ruffalo; and representatives from the People’s Climate March, Truman Project, Solar Sister and Interfaith Power and Light.

On the 11th hour (September 17, 2014 at 10AM, Philippine Standard Time), an island in the middle of the Philippines will be featured. With 57,000 inhabitants, Sibuyan Island in the province of Romblon, have been enjoying almost 90% clean energy since 2010.

The source of renewable energy comes from Cantingas River, the cleanest inland body of water, river category, declared by the Philippine government in a contest in 2007. The two turbines transform the mechanical energy from water power to electricity of 900 kilowatts.

The Philippine segment will also feature how The Climate Reality Project’s Philippine district manager Rodne Galicha empowers the young people to make a change for the environment and join the movement to promote clean energy.

Galicha, who was involved in the first 24 Hours of Reality in 2011, has been doing voluntary work together with the young people for the conservation, protection and rehabilitation of his island home, a Philippine biodiversity hotspot threatened by mining.

The Climate Reality in the Philippines composed of more than 25 climate leaders has been doing climate awareness and relief and reconstruction advocacies. Climate leader Bro. Jaazeal Jakosalem, OAR, has been involved in climate education, building chapels and houses especially in Typhoon Yolanda hit areas in the Visayas. He was one of the ‘spiritual marines’ who first responded to the faith needs of the super-typhoon victims and survivors in Tacloban City while another climate leader, Persida Acosta, chief of the Public Attorney’s Office, quickly responded to thei legal needs. Zeph Repollo and Philline Donggay have been aggressively pushing for renewable energy; and environment advocate Shiela Castillo maximizes her expertise in promoting sustainability at home and schools.

24 Hours of Reality: 24 Hours of Hope will be broadcast live from New York City, starting at midnight tomorrow. Will you join in, and add your voice of hope to the cause?

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