Climate Hope


Photo credit: UNEP

We are hopeful that all agencies concerned submit their respective certificates of concurrence as soon as possible with sense of urgency. Joining other countries, we will be able to voice out our demands and positions with full privilege as a party to the Paris Agreement.

We are not yet informed of the timeline of ratification but we are optimistic that the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Climate Change Commission and the Senate are closely collaborating with the office of the president. Upon ratification, we continue to participate in a crucial period of dialogue in which we will be able to assert our demands on the modalities of adaptation and means of implementation of the agreement while mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions and disaster risks.

With the guiding principles of sustainable development and our right to a healthful and balanced ecology, however, our climate action goes beyond the Paris Agreement engaging grassroots communities. Concrete actions must be undertaken especially laying down transition strategies from our dependence to dirty coal fired power plants to available clean energy in the country such as geothermal, wind, solar and hydro.

We must remember that not ratifying the Paris Agreement is tantamount to swimming in the floodwaters of Ondoy, sleepwalking with supertyphoon Yolanda, and flying low with Lawin.

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