Irma Adlawan plays Kapitana in ‘Oro’ directed by Alvin Yapan. Screengrab from Facebook.com/orommff2016

Why do I support ORO – MMFF 2016? Engaged with small-scale mining communities for years, with their hopes and dreams, their struggles and challenges – the treats, threats and tricks- how would one balance life, livelihood and protection of the environment against greed and apathy? Social justice is at the center of it all. This is a call for community-centered and environment-sensitive policy reform. While the 16th Congress failed to act on House Resolution No. 30 (2014), though the film “wrongfully” indicated House Resolution 79 (which actually pertains to Executive Order 79), Oro brings back social justice and equity aspects of environmental defense and sustainability. This is the untold story of our small-scale mining communities which I can really relate with having worked with them for years to understand their context. Kudos, Alvin Yapan. Irma Adlawan’s craft at its finest and Mercedes Cabral’s emotion is just heart-piercing while Joem Bascon and Timothy Castillo’s portrayal is realistic and reflective of the struggling miners’ lives. A collective success. #ServeThePeople